Terms of Use

  • You must agree to Lingo API Terms of Use before using the API. Accepting these terms is require when creating an API token.


  • Exercise good judgement
  • Don’t do anything that is against the law

Rate Limiting

  • All public API endpoints are rate limited.
  • Only access content as needed. Avoid constantly fetching data that has not changed.


  • Do not load content from client side code such as a web page or app (or on a server to be delivered to your product or service). This API is not intended to serve assets in live products.
  • To use content from Lingo in your product or service, you may use the API to fetch the desired content and store it as needed.
  • You may not use Lingo APIs for any application that replicates or attempts to replace the essential user experience of the Lingo Mac app or

Revoking Access

  • We reserve the right to disable access if usage of the API violates restrictions or otherwise affects other Lingo products or services.
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Last update: 2021-08-27 16:53:36 +0000